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oday’s airline and flight operations require a reliable services in line with local and international standards. Increasing requirements are forcing organization to take a fresh look at supply chain resources with high performance in technical and commercial aspects in the business framework of aviation operations. In our experience, safety, reliability, effectiveness and quality are directly influenced by your management team. Working in collaboration with your organization, our experts systematically identify best approaches for your need and make any project cost and time effective.

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We simplify the buying and selling process. You can find the right helicopter using a fully customized approach with our experienced team and present your aircraft to so many customers worldwide. To do business with our commercial team is a big success for you.

 Repair, maintenance, supply of spare parts and aggregates, upgrading avionics and components are our strength. All after sale services and supply of equipment and material are in accordance with Russian Aviation Standards through approved vendors and suppliers.


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Purchasing a helicopter is not an everyday occurrence. You need the right type of helicopter that truly meets your needs over the longer term. Alongside technical considerations there are financial parameters to explore, such as acquisition location, ownership structure and registration. We have vast experience in purchasing helicopters for clients , ensuring to save time and money. 

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