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oday’s airline and airport operations require a reliable safety and quality management system in line with local and international standards. Increasing requirements are forcing your organization to take a fresh look at strategies that bring safety and quality management efforts into the business framework of aviation operations. In our experience, safety, risk and quality management are directly influenced by your corporate culture and local environment. Working in collaboration with your organization, our experts systematically identify hazards and risks, and introduce measures to mitigate them.

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Purchase Helicopters

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The benefits for the client
Helicopter purchase and consultancy service includes

Purchasing a helicopter is not an everyday occurrence. You need the right type of helicopter that truly meets your needs over the longer term. Alongside technical considerations there are financial parameters to explore, such as acquisition location, ownership structure and registration. Isle of Man firm Luviair has vast experience in purchasing private helicopters on behalf of VIP clients, helping to save time and money. 

Some of our experiances

Marketing, contract evaluation & spar parts consulting for Iran Red cresent

Marketing, contract evaluation & spar parts consulting for Ministry of energy 


How we partner with our clients to help them navigate business issues and achieve high value improvements.

Approved Air Taxi strategy
The business has the potential to significantly disrupt the landscape of urban mobility. we design the most feasible and ablicable strategy to implement this business.
Helicopter SAR system
We develop an efficient route planning algorithm to guide the operations of the multi-helicopter search and rescue in emergency. Route planning model of multi-helicopter cooperative search and rescue activity was established first, based on preference ordering of search and rescue objectives, as well as behavioral model of rescue helicopter and on-board detector.

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