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Our accounting Services

Most large multinational companies will be either streamlining or centralising their finance function, expanding into new territories or coping with change following on from a merger, acquisition, disposal or similar corporate transaction, all of which are likely to result in a need for accounting support.ouncil are celebrating the incredible achievement of the Companies and Stakeholders.

Local companies and new income international compnaies outsource to Aseman Giti.Co. any non-core accounting activities such as transaction processing and basic reporting, freeing up the time of your in-house finance and accounting resource to focus on higher added value activities.

Ensure your books are in balance and error-free with our team of accounting specialists, available around the clock to keep a trained eye on your ledgers. Our comprehensive approach to outsourced accounting means our bookkeepers will take care of everything from bank reconciliation and invoicing to cash flow management and year-end reporting. We seamlessly integrate into your preferred systems as well — just review our work and approve.

Aseman Giti has vast experience in helping its clients formulate an appropriate approach to introduce financial function changes. We can help you to reduce the amount of time needed to produce management and statutory accounts, integrate financial applications and data, and improve performance management systems and budgeting processes. 

Our accounting services

6 Common Business Money Mistakes
3 Tips for Increasing The Profitability of Your Business

Being a business owner means juggling lots of responsibilities and making tough financial decisions. How can you make sure you’re being smart with your money and avoid running into the red? Here are six common financial mistakes to avoid.

Most entrepreneurs imagine that sales serve as an indication of a successful business, but that is a misconception. Profitability is what defines how well your enterprise is doing. Of course, you need to increase sales to realize profits at the end of a day. However, the cost of increasing sales can result in losses or even a profit decline if you are not careful.

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