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Our success in offering turnkey helicopter solutions is driven by our relationships. We will connect you with the best and most trusted resources in the industry to ensure that every aspect of your transaction is taken care of from start to finish.



Every helicopter acquisition is as unique as your needs. The key to a successful purchase is a clear and mutual understanding of those needs.
The buying process always begins with a consultation to identify all of your individual requirements – from budget and scheduling considerations, to expected usage of the aircraft and configuration requests. Every detail matters when it comes to finding you the right helicopter.


There are many decisions that need to be made quickly and effectively when purchasing an aircraft. We also know you want a service that simplifies your life and allows you to stay focused on operating your business. Our job is to do just that.

We will make the buying process as easy and pain-free as possible, help you make the right decisions, and solve any problems along the way. This includes lease vs. buy decisions, buying helicopters between airworthy and legal jurisdictions, matching a helicopter to a mission, and long term vision on residual values.


Our ability to find the right helicopter for your needs is supported by our international experience. If our inventory does not currently include what you are looking for, we are confident in our ability to source it. During our search, we cast a wide net to our global network of trusted helicopter operators, owners, brokers, and partners.
This gives you access to a larger pool of aircraft models and assets that may not be currently listed for sale or may be considered “off-market”. Our wealth of experience transacting across borders also allows us to negotiate better deals and handle issues that may arise based on the aircraft’s country of ownership, such as market-specific configuration and modification requirements.