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Ka 62
Russian helicopter
russian helicopter
Ka 226T
russian helicopter
The new medium multirole Ka-62 helicopter incorporates the latest technologies and materials in aircraft building.
  • The Ka-62 is fitted with two Ardiden 3G 1,776 h.p. engines made by SAFRAN HE. Their modular design and dual-channel FADEC system ensures high reliability.
  • The airframe and propeller blades will be over 50% made of polymeric composite materials.
The Ka-62 has the following competitive advantages:
  • It can operate in a wide range of climate and geographic conditions;
  • It can operate in external air temperatures from –50°С до +50°С

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Mi-171A2 is an advanced heavy multirole helicopter that combines the distinguished operational history of the Mi-8/17 series with the latest technology. The multirole Mi-171A2 is a modern classic. Key points:
  • High performance characteristics
  • Capable of flying a wide range of missions
  • Next-generation equipment and systems
  • Lower cost per flight hour
The Mi-171A2 includes:
  • Upgraded main rotor and gear systems
  • Integrated flying systems, glass cockpit
  • Advanced avionics

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The Ka-226T is a powerful, light multirole helicopter that, in addition to meeting high safety standards, boasts incredibly precise hovering ability, excellent manoeuvrability and is very easy to fly.
  • The Ka-226T is powered by 580 h.p. FADEC-equipped Arrius 2G1 engines by SAFRAN HE which enables the helicopter to land or take-off safely if one engine fails.
  • The coaxial main rotor system and absence of a tail rotor not only makes it safer on the ground and in the air, but also makes it possible to use the Ka-226T in spaces with scant room for manoeuver, as the fuselage does not extend beyond the area swept by the rotors.
  • The Ka-226 can operate day and night, in regular and adverse weather conditions, over land or expanses of water, and also in high winds.
  • It is operation in temperatures ranging from -50°С до +50°С with a relative humidity of 100%, and does not need to be kept in a hangar.

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The multi-purpose light helicopter Ansat is built to a classic single-rotor design with a four blade main rotor and a two-blade tail rotor. The Ansat was developed in line with the latest AP-29 (FAR-29) Category A regulations, and meets high safety standards.
  • The Ansat is powered by PW 207K Pratt & Whitney Canada 630 h.p. engines and FADEC system that ensures the helicopter can continue to fly if one engine fails.
  • The Ansat’s avionics, piloting and navigation systems include an on-board information system, multi-functional indicators and a failure warning system.
  • The Ansat has a metal fuselage, composite non load-bearing parts, and layered fibreglass blades. The hinge-less main rotor makes it easier to handle and significantly reduces its operating costs.

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